Team PD

Team PD

Team PD, a self-paced education program for PD nurses, provides a personalized educational approach to learning about PD. It was developed by Baxter's team of experienced PD clinical specialists (CSs) who, combined, have more than 100 years of renal experience.

Working with our CSs, each nurses’ training program is based on their their specific needs and uses learning paths that ensure the training starts where they do.

  • Blends face-to-face, instructor-led courses and online and electronic elements
  • Enables nurses to fit PD education more conveniently into their schedules
  • Includes in-depth, high-quality training and tools for all aspects of PD therapy
  • Provides specific information about Baxter products and services

What does Team PD offer?

Online foundational and advanced training courses
PD training programs are available online, anytime, and can be reviewed and replayed as often as needed.
Live workshop format sessions
Encompassing all skill levels, these workshops allow you to interact with a small group of peers while learning. The sessions include activities to practice and share your knowledge with others. Participants are given hands-on experience with the tools and supplies they use in their own clinic so they’re ready to go when they get to work.
Presentation-based sessions
These sessions are shorter, more informational education sessions. They are a great way to get up to speed on the new developments in PD and cover a wide range of topics.
Clinical educator support
Whether sharing information about our dialysis tools, resources and patient supplies, or answering therapy or clinical practice questions, our CSs are a quick call away.