Important notice for patients

Dear Valued Baxter Customer,

We are writing to inform you of changes to three specific items that are occasionally used by some peritoneal dialysis patients – disposable face masks, gloves, and hand soap. While masks and gloves are not essential to perform PD therapy1, Baxter is implementing new sources of supply to enhance support for customers who prefer to have these products be part of their daily dialysis therapy. It will take up to 90 days to fully implement these new sources of supply. If a person does not currently order these products from Baxter, this update may not be applicable. Please see Table 1 and Table 2 for details related to ordering masks, gloves, and hand soap.

What to expect:

  • New product codes for masks (September 2020), gloves (August 2020), and hand soap (November 2020) may be visible to order if those products are currently on patient prescriptions. The new codes will be made available in equivalent unit quantities per order as compared to the existing product codes. Example: If a patient was previously able to order 1 box of 50 masks (5K8070M), Baxter will replace it with 5 packs of 10 masks (5K8070H).
  • While the new sources of supply are fully implemented, inventory will be distributed to all local warehouses to increase the likelihood that mask and glove orders will be delivered with other items on each PD supply order. During this time, patients may experience temporary split shipments or slight delays in receiving masks or gloves. After ordering, patients may check the status of their shipment by calling HomeCare Services during business hours at 1-800-284-4060.

Table 1: Face Mask, Glove, and Hand Soap Product Summary

mask change table1


Baxter remains committed to serving customers in the best manner possible. For clinical and therapy technique questions, it’s always best for patients to consult with their physician or dialysis care provider. HomeCare Services is able to help with questions about how to order these products will be able to periodically share updates in the coming days.


1 ISPD Guidelines – 2016


Table 2: New Face Mask, Glove, and Hand Soap Products

covid - mask change table2



Tobi Karchmer, MD, MS
Vice President, Medical Affairs and Clinical Development


Kenneth Lober
Director, US Supply Chain