Living well as a patient on PD

Exit-site care

Exit-site care

The exit-site is the place where the PD catheter comes out of your skin.

Daily exit-site care can help avoid catheter infection.

exit site


What you need:

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Clean wash cloth
  • Clean towel
  • Gauze swab or cotton tip
  • Recommended antibiotic cream
  • Clean gauze dressing
  • Clean disposable towel
  • Tape
  • Face mask


Before you start:

  • Gather supplies
  • Wash and dry hands
  • Carefully remove old dressing
  • Keep catheter and transfer set taped to skin



  • Notify your healthcare team if your exit-site is red, painful, swollen, or draining.

Check your exit-site and the area around it. Feel the area around the catheter and check catheter for cracks, slits or tiny holes.

exit site cleaning



  • Clean gently around the exit-site with a clean wash cloth and antibacterial soap
  • Start cleaning close to the exit-site and move out from the exit-site using a circular motion
  • Rinse well
  • Gently and thoroughly pat the exit-site dry with a clean towel or facecloth


Apply cream and secure catheter

  • If your center recommends it, apply a small amount of the recommended antibiotic cream around the exit-site using a cotton swab
  • Apply a clean dressing and tape securely in place
  • Make sure the catheter is securely taped to your skin. Apply new tape if needed.


Always do exit-site care exactly as you have been taught every time. Repeat exit-site care if the exit-site becomes wet or dirty.