Living well as a patient on PD

managing fluid diet

Managing fluids and diet

It is important to keep fluids in balance when living with chronic kidney disease. PD will help regulate your fluids, but you also need to care for your body.

ordering supplies

Ordering supplies

Each month, an order for your supplies will be delivered to you. We provide tools and guidelines to make the process simple and to give you peace of mind.

 exit sitecare

Exit-site care

Find out how to take good care of your PD catheter and the exit site as it is the best way to lower the chance of skin infection or peritonitis.

understanding medication

Understanding medications

Your kidney disease medications should be taken under the guidance of a doctor and nurse. Always take your medications as prescribed.

helpful tips

Helpful tips

If you need help with peritoneal dialysis, learn about how to troubleshoot dialysis and drainage solution-related issues and how to identify infections.

get support

Get support

Discover organizations that help people with renal disease and their loved ones; whether you are seeking information, tools or just someone to talk to you.