What is Chronic Kidney Disease, and how is it treated?

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment

Learn more about the kidneys and the work they do, and how you can manage life with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Plus, find chronic kidney disease treatment tips for coping with your illness.

Get a glimpse of what you can expect with different kidney failure treatment options and types of dialysis for chronic kidney disease. You can compare them and have a better understanding of the pros and cons of each option. The comparative chart and a self-assessment can be used to help you determine the kind of dialysis that could be right for you.

ckd glance

CKD at a glance

Kidneys play an important role in maintaining your health. Review what the kidneys do, the types of kidney disease, and the symptoms and causes of CKD.

monitoring health

Monitoring your health

It is crucial to monitor how slowly or quickly your chronic kidney disease is progressing. Be sure to follow up regularly with your healthcare team.

coping illness

Coping with your illness

Find out how the kidneys and the work they do, and how you can manage life with renal disease. Also, get CKD treatment tips for coping with your illness.

patient treatment options

CKD Treatment Options

There are different benefits and considerations for peritoneal dialysis and in-center hemodialysis. Understand all the treatment options and how they might impact you.

patient which dialysis

Which dialysis is right for me?

The two types of dialysis are peritoneal and hemodialysis. There may be medical or lifestyle reasons for why one type of dialysis best fits you. 

taking care kidneys

Taking care of your kidneys

It is important to manage your chronic kidney disease with your team of healthcare specialists. They can help to slow or steady the progression of renal failure.

Your decision matters!

As your kidney function slows down and stops working normally, you will need to make a decision about your treatment

what is ckd overview

Your choice of treatment affects every aspect of your life, including your schedule, diet, activities, energy level, and more. A diagnosis of kidney disease can feel overwhelming and you may be anxious about the lifestyle changes it involves. However, you do have a choice of treatment, and your healthcare team is there to educate you on all the types of options available to you.

Start the discussion about the different treatment options early with your healthcare team and your family. This will help prevent the need for a hurried and uninformed decision if your kidney function drops faster than you anticipated. If this happens you may have to start dialysis urgently, and may not have time to choose the type of treatment that suits your lifestyle. In this case, you will likely be put on the default dialysis, which is in-center hemodialysis. There are medical considerations as well as lifestyle considerations for why one type of treatment may be more suitable for you than another. Therefore, it is important to start your discussion with your healthcare team early, so you understand the different types of treatments in order to choose the right dialysis modality, and start planning to begin your treatment.

If you are already on a dialysis treatment and think it is not the right fit for you, you can always discuss with your healthcare team and reconsider your options.