Peritoneal dialysis treatment and handwashing

Importance of handwashing

hand washing

Hand washing is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from germs and keep yourself healthy.

When preparing for your PD exchange or exit-site care, the steps for hand washing include:

Gathering supplies:

-Clean water

-Antibacterial soap

-Clean disposable towels

-Antiseptic hand wash

-Face mask

Before you start:

-Prepare clean work area

-Gather supplies

-Remove jewelry

-Put on face mask

-Remove catheter from under clothing


-Use plenty of clean running water and antibacterial soap

-Using good friction, rub soap over your hands creating a good lather for at least 20-30 seconds

-Wash well between fingers and underneath nails

-Rinse hands under running water

Think clean:

-Use a clean disposable towel to turn off the tap

-Apply antiseptic hand wash and rub hands together until dry (20–30 seconds)

-Do not touch anything until you start your exchange

-If you do touch something, wash and dry your hands again


-Dry hands well using a clean disposable towel

Your nurse will teach you how to wash and dry your hands properly.