Clinical Value

Prioritize PD to achieve patient-centered outcomes and proven clinical benefits

Early Survival icon

Early Survival

PD offers significant early survival benefits vs ICHD1

Preserve RKF icon

Preserve RKF

PD allows a better preservation of RKF than HD, for patients starting dialysis and this is associated with better patient survival2,3

Bridge to Transplant icon

Bridge to Transplant

PD is associated with favorable post-transplant outcomes4

Preserve Vascular Access icon

Preserve Vascular Access

Initiating dialysis with PD preserves vascular access and eliminates the risk of HD access infections and complications3

Reduced Infection Rates icon

Reduce Infection and Hospitalization Rates

Evidence-based preventative strategies have significantly improved peritonitis rates over the past decade5,6

Timely Care icon

Treatment Data and Timely Care

APD with remote patient management improves treatment adherence, facilitates early intervention, reduces hospitalization and dropout7-9

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