My Baxter

My Patients. My Mission. My Baxter.

The My Baxter Customer Service Portal was designed with nurses and physicians in mind. My Baxter makes managing prescriptions and placing orders simple, allowing you to spend more time on patient care.

Standing Orders

With Standing Orders, My Baxter can help you ensure that an order is always placed on time for your patients. Watch our training video to learn more!

laptop webapp

Designed to be Efficient

An intuitive dashboard, simple navigation, and announcements from Baxter have all been designed so that you can quickly hone in on the key tasks. You can access the portal via laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Empowered Patients

The simple yet powerful Patient Portal empowers your patients to take control of their supply needs 24/7 via their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Learn how to register patients with this training video. Patients can learn more about the My Baxter Patient Portal and register at the link below.

Delivery Tracking

With My Baxter, you can easily track your patients' deliveries. Orders will show the 3-hour delivery window once it has been set. Once the delivery window is set, Baxter Fleet deliveries and UPS shipments will contain a link with tracking information. Patients using the My Baxter Patient Portal can receive SMS or email Delivery Tracking alerts, including status update alerts for each milestone on a Baxter Fleet delivery or UPS shipment.


Streamlined E-signing

A new and simple E-signing process will make it much easier to get prescriptions signed. Physicians can E-sign prescriptions for all their patients at the same time—regardless of which clinics the patients visit. And they can choose to be notified by text or email. For help getting started, please review our E-signing Guide.

My Baxter notifications

Increased Control

Configurable notifications enable you to decide when and how you want to be alerted to key events.