Home Options Network (HON)

The Baxter Home Options Network (HON) is a unique suite of services, expertise and resources tailored to your needs to help you establish and optimize an independent home dialysis program

The home options network

Developed by Baxter

With more than 30 years of home program experience, Baxter has the expertise and focus to help you establish and/or grow your home program.

  • Since 2013, Baxter has collaborated with 70 programs, including 40 start-up programs
  • HON members achieve an average of 25% year-on-year patient growth1
  • Baxter has a 100% success rate for supporting facilities with state licensure & CMS certification1

Designed specifically to your needs

Baxter HON offers a range of operational and clinical services to fit your specific needs that keep you are in control of your program.

To learn more about the Home Options Network offerings, please email [email protected] or to speak with a HON team member call 1.800.323.4533

Working at home

HON Start-Up

Aimed at HCPs who want to establish and grow a modern home therapies program

Treating patient in their own home

HON Optimize

Aimed at HCPs who already have a home therapy program and who are interested in growing and optimizing their services

Nurses engaged in mentoring session

Nurse Mentorship

Aimed at mentoring nurses new to peritoneal dialysis in clinical and practical skills