Home Options Network (HON)

Home Options Network (HON)

Baxter’s Home Options Network (HON) model provides independent dialysis home therapy programs ongoing clinical and operational support. Such support allows facilities to be compliant with CMS/State regulations and survey ready at all times, while growing a successful home program.

In addition to member-status services, HON also offers a la carte services to facilities that are not HON-member clinics. The following are some of the a la carte services offered through HON:


Nurse Mentorship program

Offers training and education to nurses new to Peritoneal Dialysis in both clinical and practical skill areas. The mentorship will focus on managing and training patients, home clinic management, Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI), maintaining regulatory compliance around the CMS Conditions of Coverage and all State requirements.


Comprehensive Policy and Procedure Manuals for a home dialysis program

This includes a robust set of policies and procedures for a new start up home dialysis training/support facility, or an existing home program looking to maintain compliance with state and federal requirements.


Emergency Preparedness tools

Is a set of resources that can be customized for a facility to aid in compliance with the CMS Emergency Preparedness Final Rule that went into effect on November 15, 2017. Resources include: an Emergency Operations Plan, Patient Disaster Plan, Staff training and testing program and Tabletop Exercise guidance.


Compliance Audit Review

Is a survey readiness audit to gauge a facility’s compliance with CMS Conditions of Coverage and State regulations.


Additional programs

Additional program offerings are Adequacy, Prescription and Supply Utilization Review and Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Review.



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