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An essential online resource for renal healthcare professionals that offers a variety of educational tools and resources. This interactive site features a wealth of information about why peritoneal dialysis (PD) may be an option for your patients, and offers a variety of educational tools and resources.

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Why PD?

Peritoneal dialysis is a proven treatment option for dialysis patients. Why PD? focuses on PD for the patient and the healthcare system and provides helpful resources for optimal patient care.

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Baxter PD Excellence Academy

This program designed by PD experts and thought leaders, uses a modern and intuitive adult learner approach to connect the nurses to all aspects of PD and home therapy.  We take the learner on a journey by incorporating storytelling to convey meaning, practical activities to enhance retention and in-depth resources to spark further action. Why train with Baxter PD Excellence Academy? Because the knowledge, skills and support you gain, will help propel your practice to greater heights and change the way you deliver effective, quality care to your PD patients.

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Resources for you and your patients

Baxter empowers you by providing a comprehensive list of resources for you and your patients.

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