Baxter is partnering with the American Nephrology Nursing Association (ANNA)

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*NEW* Baxter PD Excellence Academy is the first-of-its-kind accredited learning program—designed by the leading PD experts in partnership with ANNA and ADC to support PD nurses at every stage of their learning journey

Brand New Curriculum for PD Nurses with a Novel Design for Practical Application


As leaders in Peritoneal Dialysis (PD), Baxter in partnership with ANNA and ADC have crafted a unique accredited educational curriculum to train nurses at all levels on the science and art of Peritoneal Dialysis.

This program designed by PD experts and thought leaders, uses a modern and intuitive adult learner approach to connect the nurses to all aspects of PD and home therapy.  We take the learner on a journey by incorporating storytelling to convey meaning, practical activities to enhance retention and in-depth resources to spark further action. Why train with Baxter PD Excellence Academy? Because the knowledge, skills and support you gain, will help propel your practice to greater heights and change the way you deliver effective, quality care to your PD patients.

  • More than 25 PD-specific contact hours through e-Learning courses and national events
  • Only $12.50 per credit hour for e-Learning courses

    Highly engaging and practical content including simulations, gaming, animations and practical tools that can be immediately applied to the PD nurse’s practice


    Supports all stages of the PD Nurse’s learning journey!

    • Turnkey training solution for every stage of the PD learning journey—from beginner to intermediate to advanced
    • Can be used as ongoing standardized training protocol to help elevate skills, performance and job satisfaction
    • Includes 10+ essential PD nursing topics

    Interactive delivery approaches that work together to reinforce concepts

    This new learning solution features:

    Accreditation and supporting education for nursing community

    *Continuing nurse education credits will be provided, totaling over 30 possible credit hours!

    All proceeds from this program will go to scholarships and grants for PD nursing education

    Course 1: Foundations of PD Nursing is now available. Earn 3.5 contact hours with this course!

    Topics covered:

    • A Blueprint for the PD Nurse
    • PD: What it is and How it Works
    • The PD Nurse’s Guide to Starting a New Patient (Part 1)

    In this course, which is broken up into 12 quick-to-complete modules, participants will explore never-before-seen content meant to provide PD nurses with the framework and resources needed to navigate the many roles PD nurses perform.

    Start Course 1 now and earn 3.5 contact hours



    Course 2: Optimizing PD Therapy is now available. Earn 4.5 contact hours with this course!

    Topics covered:

    • Fluid Management in PD
    • The PD Nurse’s Guide to Starting a New Patient Part 2: Success at Home
    • Essential Procedures of PD
    • Prescription Management and Assessment of Adequacy in PD

    You can also find free bonus content in this course with resourceful modules for starting a new patient on PD therapy and an interactive game called, PD Puzzler! *This is a non-CH topic.

    Start Course 2 Now to Earn 4.5 Contact Hours


    Course 3: Retaining Patients on PD Therapy is now available. Earn 3 contact hours with this course!

    Topics covered:

    • Non-infectious Complications in PD
    • Prevention of PD Infection with an “Escape the Exam Room,” game
    • PD Retention with a “Road to Retention,” game

    You can also find free bonus content in the PD Products Training tab with modules for Remote Patient Management, as well as all other product training videos and resources.

    Start Course 3 Now to Earn 3 Contact Hours