Webinars on demand

Webinars on demand

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urgent-start PD

Urgent-start PD in the late-referred ESRD patient

Steven Guest, MD (View Bio)

Urgent-start PD is a safe, effective and viable option for late-referred ESRD patients who need to initiate dialysis. This presentation examines certain issues related to the needs and goals of starting an urgent-start PD program.

52 minutes

reducing pd dropout

Reducing PD dropout

Jeffrey Perl, MD, SM, FRCP(C) (View Bio)

This presentation examines certain issues related to potential contributors of PD dropout including psychosocial factors, infectious complications, catheter problems, inadequate dialysis and other causes. We will also address prevention strategies and consider various possible interventions to reduce the impact of these factors.

1 hour 10 minutes

peritoneal membrane physiology

Peritoneal membrane physiology

Steven Guest, MD (View Bio)

In PD, the innate peritoneal membrane serves as a dialyzing membrane that enables solutes to diffuse from the capillary blood compartment to the dialysate-filled peritoneal cavity. This presentation explores basic peritoneal membrane anatomy, the peritoneal transport process, membrane transport variability and membrane changes with longer term PD.

51 minutes

step into home: incremental dialysis

Step into home: Incremental peritoneal dialysis

Steven Guest, MD (View Bio)

Incremental PD involves the gradual introduction of renal replacement therapy for ESRD patients with substantial residual kidney function. This presentation covers an overview of the incremental PD approach, survival trends, review of the literature, discussion of lifestyle implications and choosing appropriate patients.

33 minutes