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Baxter Empowers.


COVID-19 related safety measures for the general public will result in a temporary modification to the inside placement of Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) products in patient homes.


Welcome to Baxter Empowers!

An essential online resource for renal healthcare professionals and patients living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). This interactive site features a wealth of information about kidney disease and treatment options, and offers visitors a variety of educational tools.

Patients should see their doctor to discuss their health condition.

ckd and me

Now available! CKD&Me is a free app that will help you and your healthcare team to make the best treatment decisions throughout your CKD journey.

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What is CKD and how is it treated?

Increase your understanding of kidneys and CKD, and learn how to manage your life with CKD, work with your healthcare team, and review CKD treatment options and the types of dialysis.

How peritoneal dialysis works

Learn how peritoneal dialysis works.

Preparing for, and doing your PD treatment

Familiarize yourself with the daily process: from preparation, to hand washing, to connection and disconnection.

Living well as a patient on PD

Gain more control over your life with information on managing peritoneal dialysis, including details on fluid management, exit-site care and home delivery services.

Knowledge center

Look up valuable information related to living with CKD: treatment options, managing fluids, understanding dietary requirements, and more.

Get support in your kidney disease

Discover organizations that help people with kidney disease and their loved ones; whether you are seeking information, tools or just someone to talk to.


Is peritoneal dialysis (PD) right for me?

Take our short quiz to determine if PD is right for you.

travel club

Baxter's global destinations travel program

The Baxter Global Destinations Travel Program provides an extensive worldwide delivery network and home patient service program offering that provides PD patient with the option to travel while on dialysis.