I just started peritoneal dialysis (PD)

Resources covering the things to know if you just started PD

Get started on PD with the information in these downloadable booklets.

Starting PD

What kidneys do; how PD helps; the 2 types of PD

Preparing for your PD delivery

How to prepare and what you should expect during your PD delivery

Keeping clean and setting up

How to keep clean for PD; how to set up your home

Taking care of your PD catheter and exit site

PD catheter and exit-site care; identifying signs and symptoms of infection or peritonitis

Steps for a safe treatment

What to do before and after PD treatment; managing safety problems

Making decisions at home about your care

When to call your PD nurse; troubleshooting resources

Managing fluids on PD

How to keep fluid balance in check; managing fluid overload or dehydration

Eating well on PD

Foods to eat, limit, or avoid; strategies for taking small steps

Understanding your medications

Medications the doctor may prescribe; medications that may be added to your dialysis solution

Ordering your PD supplies

How to order and store supplies; what to do when your delivery arrives; problems with orders

woman on the phone

Since you’re just starting out, you may want to consider a mentor

NKF Peers mentor program

A free program that connects people living with CKD with a mentor

woman sitting looking at her phone

Find a wealth of educational information and self-service options to help simplify how you manage your supplies

Welcome kit

Answers to common questions and empowering resources