PD Management Tools

Welcome to the PD Management Tools

Each brief module provides in-depth information on a specific tool to help you manage your Peritoneal Dialysis patients.

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Misperceptions of PD Candidacy: Interactive Resource Guide

PD Planner for PD Nurses: Starting and keeping patients on PD Therapy: A guide to the first 90 days

PD Planner screens

The PD planner features:

  • Customizable 90-day calendar that follows the patient’s first 90 days on therapy
  • Suggested nurse-checklist of PD nursing tasks organized by week
  • Built in patient training day tracking capabilities
  • BDP’s related to preventing the four main causes of PD dropout
  • Optional reference parameters to track patients that may be high-risk
  • Offered as a free downloadable PDF that nurses can save to their device or print out.