Kidney Health Screenings

Kidney Health Screenings

One out of every 3 adults in the United States is at risk of life-threatening kidney disease. Most people don’t even know they are at risk. Kidney Health Screening can help save lives. The general public can get free kidney health screenings in their communities through several initiatives. 

Photo of a woman being measured for height

KEEP Healthy Screening from National Kidney Foundation

KEEP Healthy is a free kidney disease screening program from the National Kidney Foundation. KEEP Healthy events are held in many states. Screenings include 

  • An assessment to determine kidney disease risk
  • Height and weight measurements; body mass index (BMI) calculation 
  • Urine test for those at higher risk of kidney disease 
  • Educational materials 
  • Opportunity to talk to a healthcare professional 

Go to to find a KEEP Healthy event near your community. 

Alternative Screening When KEEP Healthy Events Are Not Available

Here is another way to assess CKD risk when an in-person screening is not available in your community: 

  • Go to to take a 1-minute risk assessment. 
  • Ask your doctor for 2 simple lab tests (GFR and ACR) to screen for kidney disease. 
  • Ask your doctor specific questions about your kidney health. 
Photo of the KidneyMobile

KidneyMobile® Screening in Illinois

Every year thousands of people in Illinois get kidney disease screening and education from KidneyMobile®. These free, kidney health screening events are offered by the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois. 

KidneyMobile events include 

  • No cost, comprehensive medical tests 
  • Opportunity to go over screening results with a medical professional onsite 
  • Information on health and wellness 
  • Tips for a healthier lifestyle 
  • Referral to a healthcare provider if needed 
  • Nutritional consultation with Foundation Dietitian 

To find a KidneyMobile event, go to to use the KidneyMobile map. Pre-registration is encouraged, but not required. 

How to Develop and Host Your Own Kidney Health Screening Event

Individual Links chapters can hold local screenings for kidney disease. Here is what you need to set up a screening: 

  • Arrange with a healthcare professional, such as a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant to attend the screening to answer questions. 
  • Arrange with a nurse, medical assistant, pharmacist, or a student enrolled in a healthcare training program to attend to take blood pressure measurements. 
  • (Optional) Partner with a local pharmacy to conduct glucose screening. 
  • Set up a height and weight station. Use a reliable scale. Tape a measuring tape to the wall to measure height. Tape a BMI chart on the wall. 
  • Have a laptop available with internet access so that participants can take the online screening assessment at They will see results immediately as well as get a copy of their results by email. 
  • Provide a table with printed Public Awareness Handouts. Consider providing a list of low-cost healthcare providers in your community available from
  • Give a Kidney Health Screening Passport to participants as they arrive. This handout will provide a place for participants to record their screening results and keep notes about their onsite healthcare professional consultation. Participants can take the Passport to their next doctor’s visit for follow-up.