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Here are some resources for increasing chronic kidney disease (CKD) awareness in your community.

Photo of NKFI employees and volunteers conducting kidney health screenings.

Kidney Health Screenings

One out of every 3 adults in the United States is at risk of life-threatening kidney disease. Most people don’t even know they are at risk. Kidney Health Screening can help save lives. The general public can get free kidney health screenings in their communities through several initiatives. 

Photo of a woman demonstrating a screen presentation to an audience

Slide Presentations

Here are short slide presentations for use at community events or online presentations. Each presentation is short—from 3 to 5 slides. You can combine several presentations together to address the needs of your audience. 


Photo of a woman demonstrating a recipe on camera to a virtual audience

Cooking Events

Here are some ideas for cooking events: 

  • Engage the community by handing out recipes as a local chef prepares healthy soul food dishes. 
  • Provide samples.
  • Conduct a virtual cooking demonstration. Send out links to recipes so that participants can cook them at home. 
  • Conduct an online cooking class. Partner with a local food delivery service to send attendees ingredients in advance. Participants cook along as they watch the chef preparing recipes.