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Order with Confidence. Order with Freedom.

Watch this brief video to see how easy it is to place your order!

You can use Mobile Ordering 24/7, and you can place an order up until midnight on your order due date. Mobile Ordering will even help you take stock of your current inventory, so that you order exactly what you need.

No usernames or passwords required!


HomeCare Services

We're here for you

Mobile Ordering makes it easy by guiding you through your order step by step! But you can always call HomeCare Services. We're happy to answer any questions and assist you with your order.


Learning to use Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering is simple and easy! To learn how you can use Mobile Ordering to place your order in 5 easy steps, watch the video below. You can also use the PDF guide.


Mobile Ordering and My Baxter

You can use both of Baxter’s online tools. For example, you can use Mobile Ordering to place your order and then use My Baxter to check your calendar. Take a look at this chart to learn what you can do with Mobile Ordering and My Baxter.


More than just Mobile

You can also use a laptop, tablet, or desktop to place your order with Mobile Ordering. Simply select “Email Notifications” when you fill out the registration link above.


Home Patient Inventory Form

Filling out the Home Patient Inventory Form is recommended before you place your order.


More details

For more details on managing your PD supplies at home, please review the following brochure: