Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering

Place your order in just 5 easy steps!


Baxter will automatically register you for Mobile Ordering -- all your nurse needs to do is provide Baxter with your email address and/or smartphone number. If you are not registered, you can register below.



Mobile Ordering will walk you through the process of placing your order in just 5 easy steps. Take a look at the Mobile Ordering guide to familiarize yourself with the process.


To place your scheduled order for PD supplies, you can use Mobile Ordering on its own or in conjunction with the MyBaxter Patient Portal. For instance, you can use the MyBaxter Patient Portal to place one scheduled order, then use Mobile Ordering to place your next scheduled order. You could also use MyBaxter to keep track of your calendar, while using Mobile Ordering to place your order.


You can choose to be alerted via a text or email. While many patients use Mobile Ordering to place their order on a smartphone, you can use a tablet or laptop as well.


You can use Mobile Ordering to place your order up until midnight local time on the Order Due date. This allows you to place your order when it’s convenient for you.


No need to remember usernames or passwords! Your reminders will contain a link and a 4-digit code to verify your identify.