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Why PD empowers

PD with Baxter empowers you and your patients with comprehensive services and support

For more than 30 years, Baxter has led the way in PD.

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Baxter provides the largest choice of PD solutions in the U.S. so you can tailor therapy to the unique needs of your patients.


Baxter’s HomeCare Services can arrange shipment of your patients’ PD supplies to many travel destinations—even abroad.

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Baxter’s Global Technical Services are available 24/7 to answer any questions your patients may have regarding Baxter’s automated PD-cycler systems.

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Patients can place their monthly order online by visiting https://na.sharesource.com/.

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Every month, Baxter drivers deliver dialysis supplies—CAPD and APD disposables, solutions, and ancillaries—to your patients’ homes.

Why innovative technology offers a patient-friendly PD experience

Baxter empowers you and your PD patients with our latest cycler technology and PD connectivity

Cycler technology

  • Offers the first and only step-by-step voice guidance for home dialysis in the U.S.
  • Backed by Baxter’s broad system of support, from inventory management to on-site clinician training
  • TSA-compliant, includes a carry-on case and can be taken in a car, enabling patients to receive therapy when travelling

Remote monitoring

  • Allows you to review, identify, and manage your patients’ recent treatment data remotely or change a program from anywhere you can access the Internet

Why working together improves patient care

See how a PD program operates. Here is an overview of the care team roles.

Nephrologist PD nurse
(nephrology practice)
Social worker
  • Refers ESRD patients to education sessions
  • Identifies patients who need dialysis
  • Specifies clinically appropriate modality or modalities
  • Identifies possible catheter placement sites
  • Monitors patients monthly for dialysis adequacy
  • Maintains relationships with nephrology practices
  • Trains patients on PD therapy
  • Assesses possible complications of PD
  • Works to resolve wide scope of patient issues
  • Coordinates lab work on monthly check-in visits with care team
  • Possesses an assertive, enthusiastic, and responsive attitude regarding PD
  • Builds long-term relationships with PD patients
  • Educates patients on modality options or works closely with educators
  • Communicates with patients, physicians, dialysis facilities, and hospitals as needed to initiate PD
  • Answers questions and ensures patients understand instructions
  • Maintains relationships with dialysis facilities
  • Builds long-term relationships with PD patients
  • Aids in patient modality selection and training
  • Maintains relationship with entire care team to inform of patient status
  • Builds long-term relationships with PD patients
Surgeon Hospital Patient and family Baxter
  • Communicates with patients and nephrology practices regarding catheter placement issues
  • Develops expertise in PD catheter placement
  • Places catheters
  • Cares for patients during catheter placement procedures
  • May provide urgent-start PD or supine PD during patient hospitalization
  • Engage in dialysis decision-making process
  • Participate in patient education sessions and home training
  • Comply with diet, medication and lifestyle requirements
  • Follow home PD prescribed regimen
  • Provides consulting services for a reasonable fee with nephrology practices and dialysis facilities on building a home program
  • Educates nurses, social workers, patients, nephrologists, and others on Baxter products and related therapies
  • Provides patients with cyclers, PD solution, and 24/7 support through Baxter HomeCare Services

Why educating patients about PD is important

Pre-dialysis education not only helps patients choose a modality and overcome fears, but it can increase the proportion of patients who choose home dialysis and encourage self-management of CKD risks.1,2,3

You can utilize online resources to educate patients on CKD safety information and involve members of the patient’s support system, as it may help improve patient outcomes.3

Additional resources and educational opportunities

With more than 30 years of PD experience, Baxter can help.

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