Reduce Infection and Hospitalization Rates

Peritonitis prevention strategies in PD

Cover of ISPD Guidelines

The updated ISPD Peritonitis Recommendations include peritonitis prevention strategies related to1:  

  • Catheter placement
  • Connection methods
  • PD patient training

ISPD Peritonitis Recommendations: 2016 Update on Prevention and Treatment

PD Peritonitis rates are decreasing over time2,3

Chart showing annual mean PD-related peritonitis rates

  • A total of registries from 33 countries were analyzed2
  • PD peritonitis rates are decreasing steadily over time, from 0.600 episodes per patient-year in 1992 to 0.303 in 20192
Chart showing adjusted peritonitis hospitalisation rates in prevalent Medicare beneficiaries with ESRD 2009-2019

USRDS data from 2021 shows a steady decline in peritonitis hospitalization rates over the last decade3