Preserve RKF

Starting with PD preserves your patients’ Residual Kidney Function, and is associated with better patient survival1,2

The majority of patients starting dialysis have residual kidney function (RKF)

Prospective randomized trials of dialysis adequacy and observational studies have confirmed an association between the presence of RKF and potential reduction of mortality in patients on PD therapy.1

PD allows a better preservation of RKF than HD, for patients starting dialysis and this is associated with better patient survival1,2

Diagram showing increase in urine equates to lower risk of death

Each 250 mL increase in daily urine volume was associated with a 36% lower relative risk of death1

Diagram showing increase of GFR equates to lower risk of death

Each 5L/week/1.73 m2 increment in GFR gave a 12% reduction in relative risk of death1

Prioritize PD to preserve your patients’ Residual Kidney Function

Chart comparing RKF in HD and PD patients

Patients treated with PD compared with those treated with HD have:

  • A slower rate of decline of residual glomerular filtration rate (rGFR) and creatinine clearance2
  • A longer time to loss of RKF1,2
Adapted from Jansen M et al. The study analyzed the decline rates of residual GFR (rGFR) prospectively in 522 incident HD and PD patients who had scheduled follow-up assessments. GFR was measured as the mean urea and creatinine clearance, calculated from urine collections. The initial value was obtained between 0 to 4 weeks before the start of dialysis. The measurements were repeated 3, 6, and 12 months after the start of dialysis treatment.
Banner showing 30% higher rGFR result for PD patients over 12 months

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