Life Goals

Quality of Life

PD offers independence & control of therapy

Lifestyle-related domains of HRQOL are reported by patients to be better with PD vs HD1-6

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PD is portable

Giving patients the ability to travel

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APD may be performed while sleeping

So patients can work and continue daily actvities7,8

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PD results in reduced clinic visits9

PD clinic visits are scheduled every 4-12 weeks vs 3 times every week for in-center HD patients

35% reduction

Lower caregiver burden

35% of PD patients with low levels of caregiver burden vs 13% of HD patients10

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No needles / No blood

A PD catheter is placed into the peritoneal cavity

No risk of bleeding

No risk of exsanguination

Unlike standard in-center hemodialysis, administered three times a week, PD is a daily therapy that uses the patient’s peritoneum and mimics natural kidney function11


ISPD Recommendations

PD enables goal-directed care with several lifestyle benefits vs ICHD12

National Kidney Foundation KDOQI

KDOQI supports goal directed care

Ensuring the dialysis prescription meets the specific needs, preferences and values of the person on PD13

85 percent increase

 Patient Satisfaction:

85% higher likelihood of excellent satisfaction in PD vs. HD (CHOICE study)14

Family sharing a meal

Studies show patient satisfaction to be significantly better for PD vs ICHD14,15

  • Family life
  • Independence
  • Religion / Spirituality
  • Energy level
  • Living situation

Patient Choice

PD is a patient-preferred therapy

Data shows patients are more likely to choose PD vs ICHD when balanced choices are provided16


According to an observational prospective registry, 50% choose PD over HD when balanced choices are provided16

Patients choose PD

Data from a multi-center, observational study shows when given a personal choice with shared decision making, 61.7% of ESKD patients chose PD17 

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