PD allows patients to dialyze at home and minimize the risk of viral infections1-3


Enhancing quality of care

HD patients are > 60% more likely to be infected with COVID-19

This increased risk is due to the proximity of dialyzing with others and frequency of in-center dialysis1

Illustration showing high risk

Home dialysis can provide life-sustaining therapy while reducing the risk of exposure to viral infections by minimizing visits to the dialysis facility2

Dialysis patients more prone to develop severe infectious diseases vs the general population3

Dialysis at home is protective

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Patients with kidney failure have the highest hospital admission rates out of all Medicare beneficiaries with over 11,200 COVID-19 hospitalizations4

The rate of COVID-19 hospitalization among patients undergoing hemodialysis was generally between 3 and 4 times higher than among patients performing peritoneal dialysis4

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The difference in hospitalization rates between PD vs ICHD suggests that the home setting is protective, despite all the efforts to prevent disease transmission in the outpatient dialysis facility

Peritoneal dialysis was consistently associated with lower weekly incidence of COVID-19 diagnosis and hospitalization than hemodialysis5

chart showing Weekly incidence of COVID-19 diagnosis and hospitalizations by modality
Adapted from 2021 United States Renal Data System Annual Data Report

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