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Getting Started and Placing Your Orders

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to get started with My Baxter! The portal is available in English and Spanish, and you can access it 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. When it's time to place your order, My Baxter will walk you through the entire process!

Delivery Tracking

My Baxter also makes it easy to check your calendar and track your deliveries. Watch this short video to see how My Baxter sends real-time alerts to your preferred device. The notifications ensure that you get updates as soon as they're available.


HomeCare Services

We're here for you

My Baxter is easy to learn. The Need Assistance menu at the bottom of the portal will walk you through key tasks step-by-step! But you can always call HomeCare Services. We're happy to answer any questions and assist you with your order.


Learning to use My Baxter

My Baxter is powerful, yet simple! To learn how to use the My Baxter Patient Portal, watch the short video above or check out the Getting Started PDF guide below.

Delivery window notification

Delivery Tracking made easy

With My Baxter, you can easily track your deliveries. My Baxter will send you an alert with your 3 hour delivery window once it's been set, and you'll receive an alert for all updates related to UPS shipments. You can choose to receive text or email notifications with these updates. Take a look at the PDF below to learn more!


My Baxter and Mobile Ordering

You can use both of Baxter’s online tools. For example, you can use Mobile Ordering to place your order and then use My Baxter to check your calendar. Take a look at this chart to learn what you can do with My Baxter and Mobile Ordering.

Home Patient Inventory Form

Home Patient Inventory Form

Filling out the Home Patient Inventory Form is recommended before you place your order.

myBaxter more details

More Details

For more details on managing your PD supplies at home, please review the following brochure: